hopkinson.jpgFrancis Hopkinson and George Clinton
Francis Hopkinson
Francis Hopkinson was born on September 21,1737, in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Born into a family substance. He died on May 9,1791 because of a Epileptic seizure at 53. Francis represented New Jersey in the 2nd Continental Congress.
Francis lived in Pennsylvania, until he married Ann Borden who's family owned Bordentown New Jersey. He and his wife chose to settle there. Though later they ran away because Hessians invaded their house. There he and his wife had one child, Joseph Hopkinson. Joseph studied law like his father at the University of Pennsylvania. He later was the leading counsel of Dr.Benjamin Rush. His dad moved from England and got married. Francis is even part Native American.
As a kid Francis was helped by Benjamin. He went to the University of Pennsylvania. He was the first scholar and graduate of the university. Francis studied law. After graduation he continued his study in the office of Benjamin Chew.
Francis was first a lawyer. He worked for Benjamin Chew after his graduation. Also Francis was a talented writer. He wrote music, poems, and satyre. Some of his famous writings are A Pretty Story, a story about the relationship with Britian and the Colonies. Another one was the Battle of Fegs, It was for taunting the British army. He was even a judge. He was appointed to the judge of admiralty for Pennsylvania in 1780. He also was a trader. He had trading posts in New Jersey and Deleware. Even though he wanted Independence he liked to use British items for trade. Then he was apart of the 2nd Continental Congress representing New Jersey. Francis was just in time too. Once he sat down they started voting for independence.

George Clinton
George Clinton was born July 26,1739 in Ireland. He die225px-George_Clinton.pngd April 20,1812 of old age. He was considered one of the founding fathers of America.

Political Life
George was the first governor of New York. He was a republican. He was elected in 1801 and his term expired in the year 1804. He was the 4th vice president of the Untied States. He served under Thomas Jefferson and James Madison (1805-1809). Later he was the County Clerk for Ulster county for 52 years.

Geoge Clinton married Sarah Cornelia Tappen. They had 6 kids.
1.Catherine Clinton, November 5th,1770-January 10th,1811.
2.Cornelia Tappan Clinton, June 29th,1774-March 28th,1810.
3.George Washington Clinton, October 18th,1778-March 27th, 1813. One interesting thing is that George Washington Clinton Married Anna Floyd, daughter of William Floyd.
4.Elizabeth Clinton, July 10th,1780-April 8th 1825.
5.Martha Washington Clinton, October 12th,1787-Febuary 20th, 1795.
6.Maria Clinton, October 6th, 1785-April 17th,1829.

George has a couple counties named after him. As well as cities and he has some statues. Here are the counties named after him. Clinton County, New York, Clinton County, Missouri, and Clinton County, Ohio. The only city named after him, Clinton New York. And Washington D.C. has a statue for George.