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Welcome to my page where you will learn all about Alice Cullen from her basic information to her hobbies and personal history. You will learn about her qualities and what makes her the beloved character she is. You can find a section where you can check out awesome websites and listen to some awesome songs. Take a look at the video of the baseball scene. Check out my poll and check out other peoples favorites. And while you're at it check out the cool smileys laying around. When your done leave a comment in the "discussion". So enjoy what my page has to offer you and soak in all the cool facts about Alice and some extra cool stuff.

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What is Alice's basic Information?

Here is Alice's profile. Here you will find some basic information about Alice. Scroll down to learn about Alice's personal history.

Name: Alice Cullen (formally known as Mary Alice Brandon)Alice_Cullen.png

Year of Birth: 1901

"Death": 1920

From: Biloxi, Mississippi

Age: Forever 19 (but really 106)


Source of Change: Worker at mental asylm

Gender: Female

Status: Vampire ("vegetarian")


Hair Color: Dark red/black

Eye Color: Gold/black

Height: 4'10"

Physical Description: Pixie-like, very thin, small features, spiky hair. Free Smiley Face Courtesy of

twilight-movie-image-7.jpg Left to Right-Jasper(Rathbone), Alice(Greene)

Special Talent: Can see the future

Family Members: Married to Jasper Hale. Was adopted by Dr.Carlisle Cullen and Esme Cullen. Sister Cynthia and one niece. Later becomes Bella's sister-in-law. Renesmee comes into her life as her niece.

Hobby: Loves to shop and throw parties. Likes to spend time with her family and soul-mate Jasper Hale. Likes to improve Bella's wardrobe.

Location: Just outside of Forks, WA

Occupation: Forks High School

Coven: Olympic Coven

What is Alice's Personal History?

Here is Alice's Personal history where you will find out about how she was changed and other interesting facts. If you wish to see her daily life scroll down.

Mary Alice Brandon (Alice Cullen) born in 1901 in Biloxi, Mississippi is one of the most beloved characters in the Twilight series. In 1920 she was turned into a vampire by the mysterious mental asylum worker who was greatly in love with her. In turn she was protected from James who later hunted Bella in a sort of sick revenge and pleasure. Since she was changed she does not remember any of her human life. Alice later found Jasper and Carlisle through her amazing future seeing abilities (a.k.a. she's psychic). She now lives with them along with Edward, Esme, Rosalie, and Emmett in their home just outside of Forks, WA.

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Left to Right: Edward(Pattison), Alice(Greene), Jasper(Rathbone)

Alice Cullen's Daily Life

Here you will read about Alice's daily life at school and out of school. Scroll down to learn about Alice's qualities.Alice is a junior at Forks High School. Everyday she is helping Jasper get used to being around humans since he is the newest vegetarian. She goes through the lunch line, but never eats her food. Instead she spends all her time talking to Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper. Dr.Carlisle Cullen pulls the Alice and her family out of school on the rare sunny days they have in Forks, Washington. If they do not come out of school they will all be revealed to the world. They hunt animals several times a month to quench their thirst. At night they go hunting besides sleeping because Alice and her family do not sleep. Normal days like these are struggling to stay away from humans, but it's nothing compared to the great events that she goes along with Bella and her family.

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Alice's Qualities

This is where you will read about Alice's qualities and her friendship with Bella. You will learn things that only extraordinary people could do. If you wish to know how her profile, personal history, and qualities all tie in to make her a wonderful and beloved character scroll down.

Alice is the perfect example of a best and fun friend as seen by her character in the Twilight series. Whether it's her constant disapproval for Bella's lack of fashion or her quick witted comebacks it makes us want to hear more from her! She wears the Cullen family ornament on a piece of lace around her neck. She is also the pitcher when ever they play baseball which they can only play when there is a thunder storm because when the batter hits the ball it makes a loud cracking noise that sounds like thunder. Alice is such a beloved character because she shows such compassion for her family and good friend Bella. This can be seen in Twilight when she and Jasper take Bella away in an attempt to save her from James. How many of your friends would pickup and leave their lives so quickly to help you?! (ok, ok, I know some would...but live in the moment with me!)alice.jpg

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Frankly, I wish Alice was a real person, because she demonstrates such amazing qualities. Not only can she see into the future, but she also has deep empathy and love. I know I would love to have her as a best friend! Plus, how many of you have friends who can steal a yellow Porche 911 Turbo and still be inconspicuous about it!!!


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Left to Right-Emmett Cullen (Kellan Lutz), Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed), Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene), Jasper Hale (Jackson Rathbone).

How does Alice's profile, personal history, and qualities tie in to create the amazing and beloved character Alice?

Alice has such amazing qualities which is one reason why she is such a beloved character. Her small features emphasize that she is a delicate person although she is very dangerous due to the fact that she is short and pixie-like which allows her to run quickly and quietly. She is a very kind and understanding friend which is just what Bella needs through all the conflicts with the volturi and other vampire covens. Her future seeing abilities allow the family to see something coming at them. Without Alice they would be very lost. The way she was changed from human to vampire shows that these conflicts has help her become the girl she is today. The way she cares for Bella like a sister shows that she still misses her sister and niece and that she is trying her best to not lose another person that she has felt so close to. This person is Bella though she is not as protective over her than Edward is. She would go as far as she can to save Bella and Edward as seen in the book New Moon. She is a strong loyal girl despite her features, but inside she is gentle and caring for everyone she loves. These qualities and more along with her profile and personal history makes the person she is today: An amazing and beloved character in Twilight.

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Questions: Now that you have read about Alice Cullen try answering these questions. Then scroll down to see the correct answers.

What is Alice's former name?

A. Alice Brandon

B. Mary Brandon

C. Mary Alice Brandon

D. Alice Mary Brandon

When was Alice born?





Where was Alice born?

A. Jackson, Mississippi

B. Jacksonville, Florida

C. Memphis, Mississippi

D. Biloxi, Mississippi

Who was Alice changed by and why did he/she do it?

A. A mysterious asylm worker who was greatly in love with her

B. James a tracker who thought she smelled good

C.Edward because Alice was his sister

D.Carlisle because she was very ill

Where does Alice live?

A. Forks, Washington

B. Olympia, Washington

C. Alaska

D. Outside of Forks, Washington

Who is her niece?

A. Cynthia

B. Renesmee

C. She doesn't have a niece

D. None of the above

What grade is Alice?

A. Junior

B. Freshman

C. Senior

D. Sophmore

Correct answers:

1.C 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. D 6. B 7. A

For every correct answer give yourself 20 points. For every wrong answer give yourself 0 points. Don't feel bad if you can't get it right the first time.

Now add up your total and look below to see how you did.


Nice try. Maybe its because your not too interested in Alice Cullen. That's ok. If you just can't get it try again. You'll improve. Hope you had fun!!


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Oh my gosh, you know lots and lots about Alice Cullen. You are a total rocker!!!!!! Great job. Only some people can get this many points!!!

Hope you had fun with the questions. Scroll down for some extra fun stuff with Alice and Twilight.

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