Is Cheerleading a sport?

Cheerleading is definitely a sport! Cheerleading is just as much a sport as soccer, football, baseball, volleyball, and basketball! In fact, I think cheerleading is a more difficult sport than the other sports mentioned. If you don't believe me, then go to You Tube and type in cheerleading, cheerleading stunts, or cheerleading routine! That would be a great way to get a better idea of what cheerleading is really like!

Who invented Cheerleading?

Cheerleading was invented in 1898 by Johnny Campbell. He was an undergrad at the University of Minnesota. He stood in front of a crowd at a football game, and directed them in a famous and still used yell! He said "Rah, Rah, Rah! Sku-u-mar, Hoo-Rah! Hoo-Rah! Varsity! Varsity! Varsity, Minn-e-so-ta!" His brave and courageous move helped the football team by getting them hyped up!

What do you do in Cheerleading?

You do a lot of fun stuff in cheerleading! Stunts- you hold people up in the air while they do a combination of stretches. Dance- you do a bunch of fun moves choreographed by your coach, team captain, etc. Tumble- you do back tucks, back hand-springs, punch fronts, etc. If you would like to try cheerleading, you should find a gym near you and start sign up for the team!

Why should I do Cheerleading?

There are many reasons why you should do cheerleading today! 1.) it's for girls and boys! 2.) it's a type of exercise! 3.) you get to hang out with friends! 4.) you can make new friends! Those are just some of the many reasons you should do cheerleading!

What are the risks of Cheerleading?

Cheerleading is the number one cause of sport injuries in youth athletics! I have recently had a compression fracture in my back by doing to much cheerleading. You might also get tired out pretty easily. If your a flyer, you'll fall out of a stunt at least 3 times. I have fallen more than 10 times! Remember, stretching will improve your flexibility and will prevent torn mustles! If you would like to learn more about cheerleading injuries, click on this link! Cheerleading Risks

What are the Levels of Dificulty in Tumbling?

level 1- front walkover, back walkover, round off, cartwheel

level 2- standing handspring, round off handspring, round off handspring
series, front handspring, backwalkover-backhandspring connection

level 3- standing handspring series, round off tuck, round off handspring
tuck, toe touch/pike to handspring series, punch front

level 4- layouts, standing tuck, x-outs, whips, handspring series to
layout/tuck, punch front through to round off pass, jumps to handspring

level 5- fulls and double fulls (standing and running), jumps to tuck

What are the names of some cheer competitions?

external image COA.gif- COA Combined_Logo-_Web.JPG-Americheer (InterNationals)

external image logo-JAMfest.gif- Jamfest 08-Index-ACPlogoBIG.jpg -Cheer Power

Here are some fun cheer moves!

pawpaw_toss.jpg-Toe-Touch Basket
breese_heel.jpg-Heel Stretch Extension
external image 08HEMETFB08ripM.jpg-Back Hand-Spring
ACE_IL.jpg-Kick Full Basket Toss
marisa_ChinChin.jpg-Chin-Chin Extension
ap190xpic.jpg -Hurdler
acreynolds2.jpg -Toe-Touch
JohnBapst_heel.jpg -Heel-Stretch Pyramid
Erika_scale.jpg -Scale Extension

Here's some cheer music!

remember that this is just sample music, real cheer music plays for 2 minutes 30 seconds!


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