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Jack Russell Terriers

About Them

They're part of the terrier group of dogs. They're usually smart, and tough dogs. They are also very energetic. They have so much energy it seems like they are always on the move. The breed developed in the 19th century in England. A clergyman named Jack Russell started the breed. The small, but fiesty dog was used to hunt small naimals, such as foxes. When they hunted the foxes they would dig into the anaimal's underground home to force them out of their hole. Some Jack Russell Terriers are still used for hunting today. Most of them are fearless, and will obey their owner if they are trained properly. They will not be a disturbance if you hit or tease them. They will be a good house if it is trained well enough. Most are not good with dogs because they like to fight. Because they are so used to hunting small animals, so they would not be good with other family pets such as guinea pigs. They have to keep away from the small animals, or the dog might hurt them. They are small dogs. They vary between 12 and 14 inches at the shoulders. They usually weigh about 13 and 17 pounds. Their heads long and thin, not round. They have "V" shaped ears that hang down. Their noses are black and their eyes are dark. Their short tail stands straight up.external image headshot.jpg

Health Problems and Living Conditions

They have a lot of dislocation of their knees, eye disease, deafness, and leg Perthes a disease that happens in their hip joint, to small breeds of dogs. They are very active indoors but they will do well with an small-sized yard. They are suited for all types of living, but they need to be exercised, at least once a day, with all their energy. If they don't get exercised, they will become bored, and will bark a lot and it will become annoying. Because they love to play so much, they should have a lot of toys to keep him busy. You should get balls, tug-a-war ropes, and bones to keep him happy. He will also need a quiet place to go to when he is tired, a dog bed or blanket would be good. It is better if you live near a park so he can run rree on his leash. A better place for them is a space for them to run and play. They would be a lot happier if they could hunt. Like all dogs they should have a tag that includes your name, address, and telephone number. That way if they get lost you call the pertson that found it. They also need a license. Most tags that dogs wear say that they have gotten their rabies shot. Your dog should be well-trained, if it is it will make a better life for your dog.

Coats and Color

The two kinds of coats they have are smooth and broken. A smooth coat contains thick hair flat on their body. If they have a smooth coat they usually a lot of hair. A broken coat contains a short coat, followed by a long straight coat. Most Jack Russell Terriers usually do not have wavy or curly hair. Most of them are white with dark markings on their body. The markings are mostly found on their ears, eyes, heads and tails. Their body stays mostly white. A lot of them have a white face with brown or black marks covering the area around their eyes and ears.

Care external image natural96.jpg

They should get a lot of love and attention. Also they need a lot of exercise along with love and attention. Make sure that your Jack Russell gets the right amount of energy each day. If you have a small-sized yard, he will be able to exercise on his own. They like to dig holes and hunt, so when you take him on a walk DO NOT let him off his leash. Their coat is very easy to manage, because brushing and combing by itself will keep their coat healthy. They also don't need a bath very often. Like every dog they need to see the vet at least once a year. At the vet they will get tests and shots they need to stay healthy. The shots they will get fight against diseases like distemper and rabies. Every dog should have a very good nutrition. Without the right food for them they will not be very happy. When you get your puppie you should ask the breeder what kind of food they were given. Then you should continue given him that food. If you want to change your dogs food it will be done slowly. Otherwise your dog will get an upset stomach and become very ill. As your dog gets older fewer things are needed. Most full grown dogs just eat once a day. Yuor dog will become happy if it has a well-balanced diet. They would different food as they get older, the food puppies eat give them a lot of energy. Also your dogs vet can help you to decide which food your dog should eat. They should also get plenty of water.

Puppies and Where They Come Fromexternal image natural94.jpg

All dogs come from the species Canidae, from the Latin word canis, which means "dog". Most all dogs are happy to be family pets if you treat them the right way. They like to play with children, go on walks, and sleep in your house NOT outside. Some dogs like to work. Some of the things dogs like to are help farmers herding sheep, and some like to help on hunting trips. Jack Russell Terriers can do all kind of work. The most a Jack Russell Terrier can have in a litter is five puppies. When they are pregnant, they will try to make a place to have the puppies. They should have a strong box in a place that is dark, and warm. You should include a blanket in the box. Also if you find out that your Jack Russell Terrier is pregnant you should get a bunch of help from your vet. when the puppies are born they are very helpless. All dogs are mammals, so that means that all puppies drink milk from their mother's body. After about four weeks, you can start giving them puppie food. As time passes they will need less of their mother's milk. This is called weaning. When they are young they should get used to things like, people and other dogs. That they will behave when they are older. If you treat them kindly they will grow up to be a great family pet.

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Jack Russell Terriers By: Bob Temple