Benjamin Rush

Benjamin Rush's first breath!

Benjamin Rush was born, december 24, 1745, in Bayberry township in pennsylvania. His parents Jhon and Susanna Harvey Rush had a family of 7 children. When he was 6 his father died, so his mother raised him. 2 years later his mother sent him to live with his uncle so he could get a proper education.


Benjamin Rush studied at the college of New Jersey. He got his bachelors degree in 1760. He received his medical degree in 1768. Benjamin went to London, England. He studied at St. Thomas Hospital to endure further training. It was then when he met Benjamin Franklin for the first time. Benjamin returned in 1769 and became a professor in medicine and chemistry. He also became the founder of Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Common Sense and Benamin Franklin

Thomas Paine had persuaded a lot of people to be on the patriot side, with his book called, Common Sense. After talking and working with Thomas Paine. Benjamin joined the continental army as a physician and surgeon. He wanted to do his part to help the continental army.


Benjamin Rush died suddenly in his house at age 67. He had accomplished being a writer, physican, educator, humanitarian, and a christian.


Robert R. Livingston

Robert R. Livingston comes to life!

Robert R. Livingston was born on november 27, 1746. He was born in new york, New York. Robert's parents are Judge Robert Livingston and Margret Beekman Livingston. He had nine brothers and sisters.


Robert went to King's College and graduated as a lawyer.


Robert R. Livingston worked in the Provincial Congress of New York, the Continental Congress, he was the 1st Cancelor of New York, Minister to the court of Napoleoleon, the United States Secrtary of foreign affairs, and he was in the drafting comitte of the Declaration of Independence (recalled by Colony of Pennsylania before he could sign).


Robert R. Livingston died february 26, 1813. He was 66 years old. He successfully got married to Mary Stevens Livingston in september of 1770. He built a home called New Clermont for their family to live in.