William Floyd & Abraham Clark

William Floyd

William Floyd was chosen to represent


New York in the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He was chosen to represent New York because he was a strong leader in the New York Senate. He was part of the Suffolk county militia. In the Revolutionary war he was a major general or a leader. William Floyd has a whole school district named after him because he was a very strong leader. William Floyd's daughter (Anna Floyd) married George Clinton's son (George Washington Clinton). His family was very wealthy when he was born into the family. He was very educated by his dad. But when he was just a teenager, his dad died. He was now the man of the house and had to take over the farm. During the war, his property was totally destroyed! He almost went bankrupt when he had to buy a new house.

Abraham Clark

Abraham Clark was a great man.clark.jpg He was a great student and loved math! He was a defender of poor people. He married Sarah Hatfield. They had 10 children. In early July Abraham showed up to sign the Declaration of Independence in early July. Two of his sons joined the continental army to fight against the British. But while they were in war the British captured both of them and they both were badly tortured. But Abraham Clark died of Sunstroke a his home.
Abraham Clark's signature.