Walt Disney World
Walt disney holding his Oscar trophies.

The man behind it all

Walt Disney was a wonderful man. He had a hard childhood. His father beat him as a child.
Walt with his famous Mickey Mouse dolls

But Walt never lost hope. He made the world of wonders called Disneyland. After time he won many awards (top). But now there is the place where dreams come true: Disney World. He made the world famous Mickey Mouse (right). Many people find it funny that his name is disney, but he named the parks after his name.

Magic Kingdom park

One of the four parks in disney world is Magic Kingdom. There are many different sections in all of the parks. One of the sections in Magic Kingdom is called Adventureland. In Adventureland, there are many classics like The Swiss Family Treehouse, Pirates of The Caribbean, and of course the Magic Castle (below)! If you like to spin around, you can ride Dumbo the flying elephant. The other highlight of the Adventureland section is it is a hot shopping spot.
Cinderella's Castle
One other section is called Fantasyland. Fantasyland is the castle and around it. My favorite ride in Fantasyland is It's a Small World. This section is toddler heaven. The amazing PhilharMagic 3D show is Mickey's best! Get fastpasses right away for Peter Pan's Flight because it is a major hit!
Thrill seekers will love the two Frontierland thrills: Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. But the real classic is Space Mountain! My tip is to get to the park early and try to ride the two rollercoasters (Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain) first and then fastpass them. When you fastpass the coasters, fastpass the splash sensation Splash Mountain. Then in the middle of the day, ride it and cool yourself off! Take in the awesome scenery and have a magical time in Magic Kingdom!

The EPCOT Ball
The EPCOT Ball

Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. That's what EPCOT stands for. With the great light up ball, EPCOT has some of the most amazing scenery! When you walk around in EPCOT, you should try to find where your family first started out, because EPCOT has most original country settings. Zoom! That's what you will keep hearing at EPCOT when you walk by the fast paced Test Track ride. See what all cars go through before they are put into stores! Fly up into space with Disney's Mission Space. Try to be the first to be on the planet Mars on the light green level or see almost what real astronauts go through when they are trying to make history. Fly over California in a hang glider in the amazing simulator, Soarin'! Spaceship Earth will take you through the EPCOT ball and let you travel through time and see what might happen to you in the future!The 3-D movie from the hit movie, Honey I Shrunk The Kids. It's called Honey I Shrunk The Audience! Have fun seeing what EPCOT will bring to you!

Hollywood Studios Park
Mickey's Sorcerer hat.
This park has two of the biggest thrills in Disney World! With the amazing Lights Motors Action, you will see what goes into the act
Hollywood Studios Tower of Terror
ion movies! Feel the heat with the stunt spectacular Indiana Jones. See the old classic Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost Ark! Rock to the best of Aerosmith while you zoom with a "Super fast Limo," in the corkscrew crazy Rockin' Rollercoaster! See the way that the Disney classics are animated in Disney's Animation show. Enter the Twighlight Zone, with the Twighlight Zone Tower of Terror! You go into an abandon hotel that has a broken elevator. Will you go in, or "fall out". Enjoy your time as a movie star in the streets because you could get pulled into a show!

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

Welcome to the place where everything is based on animals! Starting with one of the best safaries in the world. While your looking at all of the animals your truck driver is getting a radio call about a lost baby elephant! Also you can take a walking tour and go at your own pace while you see swimming
Expedition Everest
hippos and some fierce gorillas! B ut no t everything is a joy ride! Have you heard about the legand of the yeti? Are you thriving for adventure? Do you want to try to get to the top of Mount Everest? Expedition: Everest (left) is a super fast paced run away mountain train that gives you proof that the yeti is one of the scariest creatures ever! Right next to Everest is the classic movie as a musical Finding Nemo. Who said carnivals only come to town? Disney has one in Dinoland! Ride a dinosaur merry-go-round and other carnival rides. The Primeval Whirl is a spintastic rollercoaster that has two big drops and it twirls you around while your riding! Ahhhhhhhh! Help! Dinosaur! Thats what you will be yelling when you ride the ride Dinosaur! You are sent back in time in a time machine to find a large dino called an Iguanadon. But what will you do when you can't find the Iguanadon when the meteor shower the killed all of the dinosaurs comes into effect? Play, play, play while your in Dinoland because there is a huge playground called the Boneyard. Little kids can play there while thrill seekers are out riding the thrill rides and rollercoasters. Splash! get wet with the water ride Kali River Rapids. Zoom through white water rapids in a circular float that finds a little waterfall while going through the river.

Have fun in Disney World because It is the best place you'll ever visit!