The Cleveland Indians Franchise History
Established in 1869,the first baseball team in Cleveland was the Cleveland Forests Citys. Then it failed and came back. They joined the National League in 1879 and went to the American Association in 1884. Then back to the National League in 1889. Then went through the names Cleveland Spiders, Grand Rapid Rustlers, Cleveland Bluebirds/Blues, Cleveland Bronchos, Cleveland Naps, and currently Cleveland Indians. The name Indians comes from the nickname of the Boston Braves(now Atlanta Braves.)
The Indians have 2 world series titles (1920,1948) 5 AL pennants (1920,1948,1954,1995And 1997) and 7 central division titles including 5 in a row (1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2001,2007).
The Greatest Indian
The greatest Indian to ever play in Cleveland was Bob Feller. Bob was born on November 3rd,1918 in Des Moines, Iowa. He signed with the Indians in 1935 at the age of 18. He played his whole career in Cleveland and helped them win the 2nd title for Cleveland in 1948. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1962.
Retired Numbers
Here are some retired numbers. 455 the fans because the200px-Cleveland_Indians_logo.svg.pngIndians had a 455 game sell out streak during 1995 and 2001. Bob Feller 19, was a starting pitcher. Earl Averill 3, was a center fielder. Lary Doby 14, was was a center
fielder. Bob Lemon 21,was a starting pitcher. Lou Boudreau 5
The Streak
June 12,1995 was the beginning of the second longest sell out streak in MLB history. It lasted over 2,100 days, over 7 MLB seasons, and attracted 19,324,248 fans. Demand for tickets was so high that all 81 home games sold out before opening day 3 times. It was 455 games long and became one of the Indians retired numbers. 455 the Fans.
He Played in Cleveland?

Here are a couple of players that you might not know played for Cleveland. Cy Young, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson, and Satchel Paige a famous negro player that threw one of the fastest fast balls ever. Some less known players, Craig Nettles, Chris Chambliss, and pitcher Tommy John which is who the surgery was named after (Tommy John surgery.)
Celebrity Fans
Some celebrity fans love the Indians. Drew Carey, Jim Jarmusch, Jerry Lawler, Martin Mall, Chris Rose, Fred
The Chief Wahoo is the Indians mascot Willard ,ESPN analysts Jay Crawford, and actor Tom Hanks.
The minor league teams The players that aren't good enough go to lower level teams for the same organization. AAA is the next level down followed by AA then finally A. Here are the Indians farm teams. The AAA team is the Columbus Clippers. The AA team is the Akron Aeros. The A teams are Kinston Indians, Lake County Captains, and the Mahoning Valley Scrappers.
100x80_columbus_new.jpglogo_ml_EASTAKR.giflogo_ml_SALLCC.giflogo_ml_CARKIN.giflogo_ml_NYPMAH.gifColumbus(1st), Akron(2nd), Lake County(3rd), Kinston(4th), Mahoning Valley(5th).

Present IndiansThe Indians defeated the Oakland A's in late september to clinch the 2007 AL central divsion championship. The present day Indians have gone up and down. The 2005 season was average. They finished in the middle of division. Then the 2006 season was a great one. The Tribe came back from a 18 game difference and challenged the champions to be Chicago White Sox. The team finished 1 game back and did not make the playoffs. The next year was even better. In 2007 the Indians started hot and didn't cool down. The Tribe was in the drivers seat the whole season. They went all the way and lost in the AL championship to champion to be Red Sox in 7 games. Last year the Tribe slipped back They started off slow then after the C.C. trade caught fire and finished at 81-81. This year the Indians have high expectations. They are looking for their 2nd division title in 3 years. Right now they are in the basement of the division. It is early in the season though, so they look to make a run and get into the playoffs.
Where can you hear and see the Tribe?
You can hear them on 97.1 The Fan or 14.60 The Fan. The play by play man is Tom Hamilton. He has been the Tribes broadcaster since he took over the job from Herb Score in 1998. You can see them on STO,Sports Time Ohio on a regular bases. Rick Manning is the lead man of that crew. Where can you see them in person? Progressive Field is your place. The Indians ballpark used to be Jacobs Field. Opened in 1997 it hosted the 1997 All-Star game. One of the most memorable Home Run in All-Star history took place at the Jake. Sandy Alomar JR. hit a home run to put the AL ahead in his teams home stadium. The crowd erupted after the bomb.

History Day
The Indians were apart of a historical day. The opening of the new Yankee Stadium. It was a day of firsts. Former Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia threw the first pitch, the first homerun was by Jorge Posada. The first grand slam was hit by Indian Grady Sizemore. The first win went to Cliff Lee. The Indians got the win 10-2 and sent the Yankee fans home booing. The Tribe spoiled the Yankees day for their 3rd win of the season.

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